Flamingos, Ibises & signs

I am being stalked by images of flamingos and ibises today.

Usually these are signs I am missing something in my life and because of this, it is making me think about dressing primarily in pink or light red colours for the day. 

Don’t ask why – but what I do find unusual for me, is that I feel like wearing makeup casually today and that’s not like me; unfortunately I haven’t got anything but eye shadow and that’s green, I want pink, light red, copper or orange.  If I had a selection I’d probably opt for copper.

It is definitely a trouser day, rather than skirts or dresses and it’s a flat shoe day (my most normal kind) despite feeling like a flamingo.

I have hot pink ballerina pumps that have a rose at the toes, so I am wearing them today.  I have pink linen trousers too, though I really want something tighter and warmer.  I am also wearing my hot pink fluffy cardigan over a white cami, because I have nothing else to match the feel of the day. 

I look a mess really.

The meaning behind Flamingos and Ibises spiritually means different things, let’s explore that as I take animal signs very seriously, especially since the crows on the spinney across the house are loud today – meaning they are trying to give me a message!

Flamingos indicate;

A potential new romance is coming into my life.

Something beautiful is about to happen or I am taking my image more seriously.

I am finding my balance.

I am becoming graceful or I must approach something coming into my life with grace and poise.

Something vibrant is coming and when it does I should be as expressive and honest as I like.

Because the flamingo can indicate a new romance coming into my life, it tells me a lot about the personality of the person.  It indicates a flamboyant person, who is vibrant, funny, who has found their balance and is very fun and expressive.

The ibis indicates;

That I am finding my balance as it is very similar to the flamingo in this regard.

It also indicates that I should become adaptable in something that is soon to occur.

I am going to be united with an idea or a person and if it is a person, they have pure and honest intentions with me despite the fact that I may be uncomfortable with how strong willed they will come across – according to the ibis it is their mask that protects them from rejection and hurt and dishonest people.

Ibis also tells me that the thing or person I am to be united in I should have total trust in, because it will help heal me a lot and that the situation whatever it may be will help with my self-development on all levels, again, helping me to find my balance.

The ibis also teaches me to be brave regarding the coming future, that my lack of courage could cause instability, becoming knocked off balance and therefore missing a huge opportunity to start to heal myself.

I take signs very seriously, especially if they are from the animal world and I see them a lot in a short space of time.

Another thing I have been seeing a lot of in the past couple of weeks are signs of butterflies and dragonflies and other objects such as pocket watches, zips and keys, but today has been rather prominent with the ibis and flamingos in particular.

Happy reading!

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