Gypsy, spice and plums

It’s an autumn gypsy style day, for me!

Unfortunately today I can’t dress how I want to because I can’t find my gypsy skirt!  But, today I would like to be in a brown and pink floral skirt with a white or brown lacy cami top, sandals, and a lovely crochet shawl that is oversized.

Still want my beaded and wooden jewellery today and little dangles in my hair!

But I love the crochet and lacy stuff today!

A friend online got me thinking about “plum season” by mentioning cinnamon French toast – yum! 

I miss my cinnamon French toast with homemade cinnamon plum compote recipe; the plums don’t look good just yet in store.

But it’s a heavenly recipe I learned from Nigella Lawson on TV and the way I make it when the compote goes cold it often goes hard, like hard candy, which is a treat in itself!

The problem is (though it’s not a problem for me) it’s a huge aphrodisiac! 

I generally try to have this as a Christmas Day breakfast.


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