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We’ve found Stephanie

She was found in Preston, curled up all weary in the streets

I’ll take her home and wrap her in clean sheets

She’ll be safe with us, now we’ve found her

To Dundee we will take her

Our little lady, is a lost soul

We will help her out of her hellhole

We’re her family, though she doesn’t know

Her mind is gone, her sanity a shadow

A remnant of her former past

Her situation makes us aghast

For how did she get like this we ask?

Must be something terrible from her past

We do not know, for she was adopted                                                                                    

To care for her now is what we’ve opted

We will try and find her mind

The way we’ll do it, won’t be kind

But at least she has someone now

Someone who’ll act as her mind’s plough

We will bring her back to health

To help her find her former self

Our little Steffie we make our promise

And it is to keep

We will lay your head down on a soft pillow

Now you just rest and sleep


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