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God has forbidden them!

Am I healing my wounds?

Not yet I need TLC

A little love and some kind words and someone to snuggle me!

I am tired of doing everything alone

All by myself, till I’ve turned to stone

Or at least my heart has turned to bone

It’s cold here in the dead zone

I can’t heal when there’s a hole

A big chunk is missing I am not whole

I can’t mend when I still bleed

And the eels eat more of me through greed

I can’t heal when my heart is dead

Gone and hopeless I lie in bed

Turning to rock and dust and history

How can you heal me now, it’s a mystery!

Though I try to love everyone who hates me

Even those who forsake me

I fight to stay alive some how

But each day the people drive in more nails

I can’t heal until they stop or someone loves me

Like a clot

Because I can’t do this all alone

All alone till I’m a crone

I can’t find my happy place

When I am shut away in disgrace

I can’t mend my stone cold heart

When others intend to always tear me apart

I can’t live till I have love

But I am easily disposed of like an old glove

I give my heart for them to burn it

As far as they are concerned, I am just a piece of shit

So I can’t heal though I’d like to try

Why do I bother?  Why oh why?

Would I be better off if I die?

And fly off to heaven in the sky?

I’ve heard there’s love there in the clouds

They wrap you up in it like a shroud

Nobody can harm you ever again

Because God had forbidden them


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Soul Helpline

Hello God, it’s me calling

I’ve been forgotten, neglected and falling

Please catch me quickly, if you can

I am falling into the pan

Of eternal fire





To be saved, that’s my desire

Oh God, you neglect me

Why forsake me?

Catch me

I am falling

Can’t you hear me calling?

Oh God?





Is there a soul-line I can call, for neglected souls of gods at all?

Hello, soul-helpline, I’ve lost my god, he won’t save me

I’ve prayed and prayed, yet nothing says he

Hold I’ll get you another, OK my dear?

Thank you how sweet that you should hear

A new heavenly father then stands and appears

I’ll care for you don’t fear

That’s all it took

His not booked

He loves me

I love him

My god







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