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Inktober Day 18 – A cupcake

Inktober Day 18 – A cupcake

My husband Paul said that this cake leapt out to him from the picture like it was real and was making him think he could eat it and was making him hungry!  What do you think?  Is this really good enough to eat?

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Bitter and sweet is the cherry treat
She’s one of nature’s surprises
Bright and red and its easily said
In a yogurt she quite suffices.

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Cherry Blossom Rain

It is raining cherry blossoms

See the elegant display

As the little petals fall away today

Pretty little cherry blossom

A wonder to the eye

A flutter of pink raindrops

Drowning in your eye

Sweet little cherry blossom

What treats you have in store?

A tasty ruby waits for me

My taste buds shall explore

But I’m to wait a little longer

Before your gem is ready

And when it is from it I’ll have

A diet that is steady

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