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NaNoWriMo fresh idea

I had planned to write towards the giant story 1 for NaNoWriMo but something has occurred in my mind to change that; Instead I have decided to write an a new idea with a remastered old idea combined to make a very different story, which will be called Dragon story 2.

In the old story I wrote as a short story around fifteen years ago, a young farm girl finds a baby flying unicorn and flies off into the clouds into a new magical world at night.  This time it is not going to be a flying unicorn, the story will still exist in how I originally wrote it untouched/undeleted; but this time the farm girl will find a baby dragon and an entirely different story takes place, where the girl this time will not be adventuring alone!

This will be a family fantasy, whether or not there will be funny moments in this story or not, remains to be seen at the present time.  I am in planning mode right now and intend to fully write this story throughout NaNoWriMo simply because it’s very fresh and I do better with fresh new projects than old stale ones.

When doing NaNoWriMo, I force myself to forget all other projects except for the one I am counting words towards for the event. I become completely absorbed in that story alone, so it is vital I choose correctly!

Happy Reading!

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Rigorous planning

I have been going through some rigorous planning of a rather complicated storyline for the last couple of weeks and it has almost consumed me; I’ve drawn up maps and personality profiles of the places and people involved and I’ve never been so thorough and I’ve never enjoyed myself so much either.

If I ever finish this story it would probably have to be published in a multitude of volumes for its sheer size, this is all thanks to the inspiring fourteen books I’ve been reading of the Land of Oz written by L Frank Baum, The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling and the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis; not to forget also the Dragonlance series of books and the immortal highlander, all of these things are meshing within my mind and are giving me great ideas.

I can’t tell you what the story is going to be about other than it’s going to be a fantasy novel for sure with some horror thrown in for good measure, I wouldn’t suggest at all that it will be as family friendly as the books I’ve mentioned above but I can guarantee that if this gigantic story ever gets finished and published that it would be a thrilling read for generations to come; full of action, adventure, fairy-tale, romance, heartbreak, betrayal, revenge, vampires, slavery, struggles, imprisonment and steamy sex.

Why can’t I share a snippet of the storyline with you?  Well, I’ve noticed I am one of these annoying writers that when she shares her plot the plot loses its magic and I find myself unable to finish it; stories which remain a secret have ended up becoming finished so I am not taking any chances anymore and now I understand why legendary writers tend to guard their stories as top secrets until they’ve finished so fiercely… I think I might end up doing the same.  Do you know that I have started twenty seven stories in the last seven years and I’ve only finished two of them and they were short stories?  All of them were plots that were shared with others and at least eight of those plots were used to spark off other people (who also write) to write something similar to me, I don’t know, call me a snob if you like but that just loses the magic for me and I don’t do well competing with my writing, I don’t like it becoming a contest, and I think that’s why I didn’t partake in NaNoWriMo like I wanted.

I have found which market I want to write for and although I may not become as well known in that market as others who are more diverse I am happy in finding my feet amongst fantasy and horror for adults and fantasy and horror erotica.

I just promise myself I won’t be tempted to get my books published via e-readers because I want my standards to be professional, not dissing e-reader writers at all but the editing is usually sloppy I’ve found (since I’ve bought my kindle and read a few) and I find that unacceptable.

So, forgive me if my poetry has gone on the back bench a bit and please understand I am involved in something a little more exciting, though I will endeavor to try and post at least two poems a week as I don’t want my blog to falter.

I’ll post soon xx

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The adventures of a moth shepherdess

The adventure of a moth shepherdess is a true story, this happened to me personally last night. 


Finally, my three year old son tucked into bed after a long night trying to get him to sleep and all would be quiet from that point on.  Slumped in bed, light just right for reading; I managed a sigh of relief as the aches in my feet gradually waned away, every muscle in my body was relaxing, what joy!

My book of choice “The Gothic” I was reading about the Cthulu Mthos of H.P Lovecraft when I suddenly got the fright of my light.  From nowhere a moth, the size of a walnut dive bombed me repeatedly and banged into the lamp, my only concern was whether or not it would ruin my perfectly milky sweet tea on the side, so I fetched a piece of paper and covered the top. 

I went back to reading but I couldn’t concentrate with the scrape, scraping of the moths wings against my ceiling tiles and the occasional pelting; so I watched the moth carefully, studying it for ten minutes, covering my mouth just in case it was one of these weird creatures that goes in for a kamikazes down my throat.  I watched as it crawled along my son’s calpol medicine bottle, licking up the sweet sticky residue that had slid down the sides of the bottle, it was there for a while as I was watching it, the bottle was by the door – it was then I decided to take the risk and lunge at the door, quickly turning on the hall light, attracting it instantly out of the bedroom I leapt forth and closed the bedroom door, turned the hall light off and the spare room light on, attracting the moth in there and out of the large window. 

TADA!  Now I can get back to reading my book, I thought.

Earlier next morning I told my husband of my 1:30am adventures and he looked at me with pitying eyes, then I said “I wonder if I should add moth shepherding to my CV” which got a good hearty laugh from him.

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