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Sharing my weird dreams

I had a little dog and beetle was his name

I had a weird dream last night that I had a little black pug sized dog called Beetle and someone was trying to take him away from me!

He was called beetle because he had hair loss on the top of his head in the shape of a scarab beetle.

Weird dream, I know, but I have had stranger ones.

Thanks for reading.

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Universe is throwing things at me

In some dreams, quite abruptly and aggressively too!

But they are nice and useful things.

For the past three months I have been having a dream regularly, its main themes are quite repetitive and they are very odd and not like my usual dreams.

You all have read before about my dreams about neglected found babies turning into food right?  Well there has been another repeating dream which is less disturbing.

This dream is where I am often eating in the dining room of my parents’ house in North London but I can’t finish what I am eating because there is some kind of chore I need to do in their garden, usually putting pets back into their pens or hutches, bringing the dog in or feeding a pet.  But just as I open the door a huge earthquake or sometimes thunderstorm occurs and I am forced out into it, because the animals aren’t safe out there! 

Usually the animals were fine and I found that I didn’t need to do anything at all, because my parents were wrong that they were out of their enclosures or that they had nothing to eat or drink – sometimes I discover that the animals are severely neglected or have out bred their enclosures and I am worried what to do, it changes from dream to dream.

Sometimes in these dreams I am still in my parents’ house and garden, but I live there with Paul and Henry and I argue with Paul about the state of the animals and in the dreams with Paul sometimes those animals are killed by the flood of the storm or have run into a neighbours garden that has a vicious dog, or their enclosures have fallen into the garden pond somehow.

But the main thing that stands out from these dreams is the fact that when the storm stops suddenly, it brightens up into clear blue skies quickly and that sky melts away quickly too, the entire atmosphere has gone and we are exposed to seeing the universe right before our eyes.   Big planets, the moon, the stars, seen very clearly, some planets oscillate becoming bigger and smaller like they are being swung on pendulums and sometimes things fall from the universe into the garden.

When I look at those things they are usually maps, jewels, coins and letters, though sometimes it has been known to rain rabbits and guinea pigs..  The letters are always snatched away from me so I can’t read them, but when I read a map I sometimes find myself floating upwards and out of our world into space and I am given a choice in the map of where to go, where things will be less turbulent for me.

Sometimes I allow myself to go, other times I panic about going and suggest I need lots of safety measures like breathing equipment, a ship etc., all of which is provided by the universe as I fret about it, all being thrown down into that garden for me.

Sometimes when I choose to go in the safe way, near the end of my journey everything breaks away and I have a huge panic attack about not surviving, only for me to gently land in the middle of a hospital where a doctor asks me why I am wasting their time, as I am absolutely fine!

I am then lead out into a carpark by a kindly nurse who then leads me to a man sitting a very posh car, sometimes a limousine and I am always shocked by who it is.  I am always like… “Oh, it’s you” in an excited kind of way and its usually then I wake up, when they either wink or laugh.

Strange dreams, but apparently there are soon to be strange times…

My tarot cards have been telling me amazing things about how someone is coming into my life soon and how my entire world is going to be turned upside for the better – but when I dig in and ask for more information, they tell me it’s a huge secret, don’t pry, don’t worry, don’t ask – all you are allowed to know is it is a soul connection, you will both be on creative teams together and you will both succeed together in everything you set out to do and you will marry quickly… it’s all weird.

Thanks for reading!

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Weird baby dreams

I am one of the few people in the world who can remember their dreams almost every night; it is rare when I don’t.  I am also aware that I usually have more than one dream in a night and I can usually remember up to four.

I dream in colour, but there has been the rare black and white dream from time to time.  Some dreams make sense, some dreams follow on from other dreams like an alternate reality and other dreams don’t make sense and weird me out and sometimes grosses me out or scares the hell out of me!

Oh yes, I am also an author which sometimes get stories come to me via dreamtime, usually as movies I am watching or living through those dreams myself as the future characters I will write – that one is a strange thing that happens around three times a year on average.

Most recently I have been getting very worrying, abstract and sick dreams.  I don’t mean sick as in good, I mean sick in the old fashioned sense – that it makes me worry about my mentality if I can dream things like that!

I believe these dreams have something to do with the fact that I am panicking that my biggest fantasy in life has never come about and I may be getting too advanced in years for it to become a reality now – that is, I am scared I am running out of time with my biological clock to have the large family I have always wanted.

I never wanted an only child, I have always planned to have a minimum of five children with the idea that it would be my strictest minimum and I was always planning for a dozen!

I am forty now, Paul and I are no longer an item – I am single, with no prospective significant other and I am scared… particularly as I think I have past my best and nobody is willing to start a family within the lifestyle (BDSM) with someone who is forty!

The dreams I have been getting have scared me and made me feel sick recently.  I think I have mentioned somewhere online, either here on this blog or on social media that I had recently had a dream where I found a sickly baby, which turned into a burrito?  Then the one about my mother trying to kill several babies I had, but when she couldn’t she took my kidney?

Well the most recent dream I have had was I had a baby and a puppy I was protecting from scientists and the baby’s eye fell out and ricochet into my mouth – I am very squeamish about eyeballs, I can’t tell you how much this bothers me! 

Then last night I dream that a baby was laying on the sofa and its toddler sibling came over and pulled the blanket it was on so that the baby fell off the sofa head first – I panicked about it, it’s mother didn’t care – I rushed towards the baby to pick it up and take it to a hospital, but the baby slowly turned into cubes of jelly with red little tadpoles inside and it melted completely on the journey to the hospital, where I couldn’t prove I had a baby and was turned out for wasting time.

As I left the hospital feeling confused about how they couldn’t see the baby – I decided to walk in a stony alleyway and through a tunnel, up some slippery gooey steps on a bridge and down the other side on metallic narrow winding steps and I was stopped by a man.  This man had an argument with me – I don’t remember what it was about, but they tersely said to me “Well, goodbye then”!

Then I woke up.

Thanks for reading!

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