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Christian Witch Paradox

Christian witches what a paradox

They like to put people in the school of hard knocks

Cursing and blessing it’s all the same to them

But their scriptures disagree when they pray amen

I know some people who say they are this

But I sit back and listen I think they take the piss

How can they be both, don’t they know their bible?

They better ask their Jesus about the libel!

Because I am sure he says “Suffer not the witch to live”

But they think the laws of God are there to take and give!

I will never understand the Christian witch

The ones who sit back and call me a bitch

Because I show them the truth of what they are

That according to their bible they have crossed the bar

I think that they will have a shock

When they reach up to heaven and they are blocked

Because a witch is a witch no matter what you say you are

A witch is a witch you’ll go to the morning star!

I am sorry to anyone I may have offended, but this poem was written because I recently learned there are people in the world who think I am an evil thing that needs to be stopped, they call themselves Christian witches and they have felt the need to tell me that my sickness is due to them cursing me because they want me dead. How nice is that?

I was raised by Christian radicals and they taught me that it is impossible to be a true christian when you have hate in your heart and that you could actually harm another person because their beliefs are different to yours. All life is sacred under God, this is the christian doctrine my family put into my head – I don’t know where these so-called Christian witches have got their beliefs from, but as far as I understand Christianity it is not there! Maybe stop channeling those demons you keep talking to? As you have told me you have been channeling Jesus in meditations… are you sure its him?

Sorry for putting this on my blog, but this has been going on for some years and it is starting to grate, because I am 40 soon and I am getting too old for all of this stupid playground crap!

To those christian witches doing this and still stalking me after all these years – Grow up and get your own life instead of trying to ruin others and act like a proper Christian, if you have the heart to do so!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

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Just a heads up…

Due to Christmas and a lot of medical appointments cropping up, I may not be active on this blog until late January-ish.

I have several tests to go through between now and early January, the GP is hoping that they can rule out cancer. But we do not yet know.

What I do know is, the recent examination, feels like it has aggravated the problem a little.

Until I know more about this situation, I am unsure how often I will be able to post on here.

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Inktober day 5

Sorry to say I am a little embarrassed by today’s inktober post, it is lazy, because originally I didn’t want to do the art; only for an hour later for me to decide I would do something better, but since Posted that on already, my better picture didn’t get to come up as an inktober entry, I am a stickler like that!

So the rubbish and lazy art got the inktober day 5 title.

The silhouette of twilight is mine.

Henry did a wonderful space pirate, but he can’t enter the contest as he is under age; there is a space pirate character contest on Deviant Art right now which ends 31st October 2019 and must include a family logo, a special hat and a weapon.  You get to win a year core subscription and a wacom tablet if you win.  I wanted to do that, but I really don’t like the idea that it sounds like they are only after digital art, I am a traditional artist.

Inktober entry day 5.


Henry’s space pirate for inktober day 5

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Inktober Day 4

Nearly forgot to post this…


My giraffe done with sharpies for Inktober Day 4


Henry’s autumn day with autumn leaves for Inktober Day 4


My dragon coloured in from yesterday.

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Inktober 2019 – Day 3

Dragon guarding treasure Inktober Day 3

It is currently not coloured because today is my 37th birthday and I am spending the rest of the evening playing board games with my family; tomorrow I will colour it in and it will be available to be seen at my DeviantArt gallery, FFGallery.


Henry did the following picture for me as a birthday present, he also made me a lovely box to put my recorder cleaning cloths in, sort of like a washing basket for the recorder cloths, he made out of an old tissue box and painted beautiful butterflies on it.


Gift for mama





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Inktober 2019 – Day 2



Girl with gum, done with sharpies, by me.


Henry’s snowy day for inktober 2019

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Inktober 2019 Day 1

Today starts a month of artistic challenges called “Inktober” where artists all over the world make art via inks as a primary material.  My son Henry and I are both lovers of this month and we usually make an effort to produce at least one finished work each day during Inktober.  We are huge fans of sharpies and Windsor Newton inks.

Henry will be concentrating mostly on cars and robots whilst I will concentrate on anything I fancy at the time, today I quite fancy getting into the Halloween mood already with a cauldron and some candies!

Therefore we shall be posting daily on both this blog and

Here is the first picture of the month!

Panic Attack from Robot Wars by Henry is the first to be shown below; he is a huge fan of that show, practically obsessed with it. 


Panic Attack – Robot Wars Fan Art by Henry!


Here is my candy cauldron, I know it is a little bit early for Halloween but it was something I wanted to do right now – Henry isn’t letting me live it down, says I should have waited until Halloween before I did it, but I do tend to do a lot of horror or dark themes when I do art anyway, if not that then fantasy and cartoon stuff.


Candy Cauldron by me!


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Abstract fantasy me portrait

Here is a self portrait in abstract, ink and sharpies or at least what I think I would look like in a ruff, lol.  

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Inktober 2018 – The last day – Geisha Girl

Inktober 2018 – The Last Day, Geisha Girl

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