About the blog

Here you’ll find my poems, songs, short-stories, essays, art and craft work as well as some photography.  Sometimes I will post up artwork and photography of my friends and family (with their permission of course).

I have an interest in all aspects of arts and craft and literature, as you will find.  I don’t think I have a style as such, I think I am pretty mixed, maybe that’s my style?  You probably won’t find my site very professional because I have a lack of education in my past, but I am trying my best to come across as professional as possible.

My work mostly focuses on fantasy, dark fantasy and horror; vampires are also something I am very fond of, so there will be a lot about those too and the occasional post regarding to dystopian worlds and sci-fi.

There will be snippets of work by other people here as I like to re-blog posts I think are relevant to the elements of this blog, also reviews and memoirs of anything regarding fantasy and horror that I’ve come across.  I will also help advertise my creative friends work, if they ask me to.

Thank you

2 responses to “About the blog

  1. toad (chris jensen)

    Thank you for the follow the blog, I see that you write essays, poems is what I’ve writing mostly of lately turned on to poetry by a couple of blogging ladies.

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