Blooming rabbits

I am trying to get back into art, despite the difficulties.  I have signed up for a free course I found on Instagram through a quiz given by the mixed media artist Karen Campbell.

I hope to sort out photocopying issues with my photocopier so I can start posting my art projects again on DeviantArt and here because I am taking Project AD a lot more seriously these days.

I am fighting to get my art table set up again regularly; I am also fighting to start finding art supplies around the house again too.

But I will do it!

I need to.

I need the release and art gives me that release.

Indeed, I actually enjoy producing art more than I do writing stories if I am honest.

Stories have to be written though or I will go mad – seriously, I will.

Art isn’t as much effort to me as writing.

I could do art all my waking hours and I will never bore of it, in fact I quite often want to do more and more art when I do it and there isn’t enough drying space around the house to do something like three paintings per day!

One major reason I initially gave up doing art was the fact I couldn’t afford to replace art supplies weekly anymore, now I can and from March 14th I will be getting an even better budget for it too, so that’s exciting.  Because that means £25 a week could be purely on new supplies and that could mean I could do a lot of art soon – it’s just fighting for my own personal space to get mucky in that’s the problem and it really is the only problem I have right now!  A personal space that is comfortable and warm.

I intend to sell the art I do in the future.  Though some of the art I want to do for my stories won’t be sold, that is for me, for when the books or comics get published.

Project AD is becoming a bigger series than I anticipated and its fun, the characters are developing well and I am proud of them.

But I really do need to work on making art on rabbits more as they are difficult in the kinds of poses I want them to be in.  I have steampunk (no pun intended) down to a fine art, but rabbits are a bane!

Hedgehogs, squirrels, bats, owls are all good, but not the blooming rabbits!

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


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