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Sea of teddy bears

Drowning in a sea of teddy bears

Arms and legs akimbo everywhere

Snuffling and snorkelling in the sea of fluff

Fast asleep in mounds of stuff

A lumpy duvet collected by your head

As pillows have fallen from your bed

You slumber into a world of dreams

Where nothing is quite as it seems

Never knowing who lurks by the door

Watching you and listening to your sleepy snore

Sighing as they know so well

That soon adulthood will cast its spell

And you won’t be like that in a year or three

Because that is how it’s meant to be

You’ll grow up and leave this place

To go off into the world your dreams to chase

And you will be the one by the door

Watching your children as they snore

And seeing them go and chase their dreams

Because this is the way of life it seems

Written 3rd March 2023 2:32am

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