Good ratters

I have slowed down a lot writing anything in the past couple of days because I have a cold and a mild (for me) chest infection developing – it could be due to the dust from Monday afternoon’s cleaning exhibition.

I hope it doesn’t get worse, I know it’s the dust because there are a few small hives on me too – dust does this for me, I have a terrible allergy to dust both for breathing and skin irritation.

We need a dog – I know you know I have wanted a dog for a long time now, but now it has got to a point we actually need one!

A Jack Russell please, our neighbour stores flour and grains in their attic/loft and some kind of rodent has eaten its way through our attic and has got into the house – we need a Jackie to deal with the situation, they are good at that, a Jackie or a yorkie will do.

We can afford neither.

I actually know how ratting dogs work, it’s actually far quicker and more humane than any other method, a five second shake and the rodent is dead, can you say the same for poison or traps?

Its times like these I miss Star, Jack and Max – excellent ratting dogs I used to know!

Thanks for reading!


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