Time lines

I am going to try and remember to get into the habit of posting a time stamp of when certain poems have been written, so you can get a time-line.

I think that could be very valuable or at least a valuable insight.

Because as I have mentioned a couple of days ago, I don’t always post poems immediately when written for that day – there are sometimes delays.  Some days a poem will be up on my blog and it is a dark poem but I might actually be happy that day and some people misunderstand that today is not a dark day, which was a dark moment, days or even weeks ago and this was a scheduled post.

So I think it’s important to start sharing when I have written things.

From now onwards I will do that – but bear in mind that there are at least twenty poems pre-scheduled to be posted that I don’t remember when they were written, so we have to just go with it for a while

Thanks for reading! 


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