Henry’s Dinner

For ages Henry my twelve year old son (thirteen in May) has wanted to buy his own full ingredients to cook his own dinner entirely on his own without help, including pudding – he saved up his money for a month to do this because the food he wanted was quite expensive.

He did it all successfully and I am proud of him, the only thing was that he didn’t want to share what he cooked with the rest of us – he wanted it to be his and his only, though he allowed small samples to taste for everybody.

He made a homemade chunky tomato sauce with chilli, fried himself up a steak and ate it with rice and mixed vegetables.  For his pudding he baked a peanut butter sponge cake and gave himself a side of strawberry ice-cream to go with that.

I am proud of him – his chunky tomato sauce tasted like unsweetened Doritos salsa; it was almost identical in fact, though the vegetables were chunkier and there was a lot of spice in it but not overbearing.

I had a small bite of his peanut butter sponge cake too, it was nice actually – I was surprised I liked it because I hate peanut butter on bread and cakes usually – I love peanut butter on cookies or fruit and vegetables, but never on breaded products.  It was a pleasant surprise.

Paul was at a loss because he was absolutely forbidden to interfere at all and that was very difficult for him and you could see the stress in him.

Henry got himself a basic recipe for cake mixture off the internet, everything else was experimental – I was shocked at how professional it was and how the flavours didn’t clash at all!

Being a cook is one of the four things Henry keeps thinking about being when he leaves school – though he is sure that right now he is going to be an accountant with a side-line in politics as a local MP until he can make it quite high up the ladder, then give up accountant work for politics full time – he also has an interest in acting, but mostly Shakespearian theatre work or musicals.

Henry has a dream of either being the finance minister or prime minister or both eventually.

I will say it again, I am proud of my boy!

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3 responses to “Henry’s Dinner

  1. Greensmartzaq

    Give the boy some fiscal impetus and just pay him to make another “Henry’s Dinner” for you.At least be his first client and he’d probably use the money to further his passion…. Henry wasn’t kinda mean here as he saved for the dinner… maybe you too won’t let others taste also.. just my two cents though

    • We pay him to make cookies and cakes as well as Italian dishes as regular as once a month on average. Also pay him per chore around the house and house points in school. Even when we can’t afford it. So we’re already doing that.

      • Greensmartzaq

        Great the kid got an entrepreneur’s mindset and innovative too hence Henry’s Dinner should come at price…haha..no hard feelings though

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