True Love Heals

Love is the gentle tickle as the breeze brushes past your ears, whispering sentiments of warmth, comfort, memory and tranquillity.

It is the tight embrace around your waist and the flickering of butterfly wings kissing your cheek.

Its scent is powdery, floral with a hint of spice and soothes your soul as you breathe it in deep.

Its taste an addictive mellifluous dessert, a treat for your tongue, a caress for your mouth as it tickles and teases its way down your throat and makes everything feel just right.

It’s the warm soft cashmere worn in the late autumn around your neck, smothering you in all its glory with its protection from the coldness of life, a sweeper of strife and a reassuring nuzzle when you are not feeling you best.

Love sounds like a happy baby, kind words, a lullaby and soft like cotton it pacifies you as you are gently lulled to sleep.

True love doesn’t make you weep.

True love cannot harm you.

True love heals.


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