Prove yourself wrong

Your heart is made of iron

You are very strong

You can get through all of this

Prove yourself wrong

Don’t give up trying

Don’t give up the fight

Get what you really want

Fight with all of your might

You can do this truly

You have come so far

Though fate is sometimes unruly

You have worn the warriors scar

You can win this battle

I’m your cheerleader

Go ahead and do it

Don’t give up right now

Live your dolce vita

Don’t stick with the stale

I’m rooting for you

In each and every way

And I know you will get there

Some special day!

It might not be tomorrow

It might not be next week

But I know when you do

I won’t critique

You’ve come so far

And I am proud of you

You can only do

What you can do

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Put your worries on the shelf

Keep the fight and keep real strong

And try to prove yourself wrong


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