Cruel memory

Shut up and stop causing trouble you said that fateful night

That night you locked me in a room, to succumb to a cruel plight

The mirrors they sucked me in

They took me away from you

I saw my reflection amongst the glass

And I knew it couldn’t be true

Pulled in by the mirrors lies

The mirrors pulled my heart

Tore me away from myself

Tore my soul apart

I am lost in limbo

Trapped by this loveless fate

In agony I yearn for you

But now it’s just too late

You’re not coming to save my soul

You’re not real at all

You are just a dream too me

A memory that is cruel

This poem is based on larger works that I will be finishing the final draft of by the end of this year. A long fantasy saga, I’ve worked on for nearly 25yrs.


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