Blogger articles

I have restarted blogger again, with a new look!

My site can be found here

This is the place where I will be discussing reviews and views, articles mostly.

However this blog here will always remain because I love it and this is the place where I can be creative but also get personal and emotional with you all. 

Blogger won’t be like that, it will be mostly head over heart if you get me?  I won’t let my emotions get the better of me on there, but it will show you my views on things in general in a dispassionate and balanced way – I hope. 

I used to do a lot of article writing before I moved in with Paul and I kind of miss it, I miss sharing my thoughts on what’s happening in the world.

I used to write mostly about science updates, gardening, wildlife and nature, charity awareness and activism in general usually pertaining to child welfare, domestic abuse and the environment.

But it will also talk about sexuality a lot too so it has an adult only warning thing, because I do a lot of sexual freedom activism, or used to for both the LGBTQ community but also BDSM lifestyle choice and polygamy.

I’m not sure how often I will update it, but I hope to post at least twice a week.

Thanks for reading and please do enjoy my article style blog too!



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6 responses to “Blogger articles

  1. I’ll check it out because those are topics I like reading about. I used to have a blogger site but I stopped using it after a few days.

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