I am no longer going to be active on Twitter as a user anymore from this point onwards.  If you want to know where I am, follow the link on my Twitter profile where it tells you how you can email me and see me on other social media platforms.

Or click this link here

Twitter will still receive updates from my blog, but that is an automatic input – I am not closing my account like I originally planned because I am living in hope that Elon Musk will sell the site to someone who isn’t a control freak or a bully like he is!

So with that being said, I may become more active on other social media platforms and this blog instead.  This blog might become livelier until I find a true Twitter replacement.

My favourite social media platforms outside of Twitter are Mastodon and Instagram but I don’t like to post too many pictures, so Instagram will be pretty limited.

I am looking for something that is like a flash blog social media site where I can update things when and as they happen and see other people’s updates, but also where I can post gifs and memes etc. because those are fun ways to express yourself!

I haven’t been able to get used to the whole “no algorithm” thing on mastodon yet, but I am trying to make that site my main thing.

Also Google has an email system I use, but they also have google chat where you can do live chats with people on there – generally not an open forum style, but it is something to contemplate if you ever want to contact me there and chat with me?

Thanks for reading!


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