Paul has told me something strange recently about people online.

He has told me that some people are quite upset about me in some way and it is causing issues in their lives, whilst others seem to be delighted about discovering me.

He seems very sure that I have a brand new life waiting for me and that something major is going to occur by the end of the month.

What?  He won’t tell me.

But he is practically packing my bags!

I don’t do gossip and rumours and I am a little flummoxed and upset that there is so much of it going on about me and my life and that people are actively doing things in their lives which is upsetting others. 

Paul claimed these very rumours are a small part of why he decided we should separate last June.

It’s frustrating because Paul is determined that I know something about these rumours and that I am denying any knowledge of it – he is slowly trying to accept I am in the dark – because I really am!  But he is both puzzled and confident about something is going to happen.

It’s all a big mess.

I wished I knew what the blazes he is on about and what the blazes all these mysterious messages I keep getting online from places.  It’s like I have fallen into a huge conspiracy theory or something and I don’t like it!

People are trying to drop hints at me about things, but it is all cryptic and I am not smart enough to understand any of it – what the blooming heck is going on please?

If anyone would care to tell me, email me at because I am not sleeping over it, Paul is sure I am going to have a huge upheaval soon and move out – but I am not privy to this if it’s true and I want to know why?

I sound like a crazy woman right now – but I have to put it out there, because whoever is causing all of this, one thing I do have clarity on is that they read this blog daily!

I need to know what’s going on so I can start making plans in my life and get things in order – I can’t just up and go like Paul seems to think I can!

It’s all stupid and doesn’t make sense!

Paul is convinced someone is going to contact me quite soon – so if they are… why aren’t they?

What do they want and why is Paul trying to talk me into packing?

Paul has already told me, yes we’ve separated but I don’t need to move out and he personally isn’t eager for me to move out – he has told me this – but something is going on and he won’t spill the beans!

Come on… what’s the big mystery for?

It’s causing arguments here and ructions and I am not sleeping because of it and I am starting to get ill due to prolonged anxiety because Paul is very convincing something is afoot!

Thanks for reading!


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