Nails are gone

My finger nails grew long for me, I was deliberately letting them grow – but alas, they were not meant to last!

I broke four finger nails over a two day period because they got caught on things and tore at awkward ugly angles and when my thumb nail broke yesterday evening I had enough and cut them all down to the same size and now I am starting again.

I miss my nails and I am a little disappointed that the kalimba can’t be played until they grow back, which could be about two or three weeks again.

I broke one nail by banging my hand on the desk clumsily as I sat down.

I broke the other one trying to pull a note book out of a box and it got caught on a ring binder. 

The other two were cracked and peeling for some reason or another, representing what I can only describe as filo pastry and were paper thin, much thinner than all my other nails and tore like paper too when they broke!

An ugly ridge formed on another finger nail when that was snapped backwards when I got it caught on my trousers when I was getting undressed and so that finger nail stuck up in a weird way and wouldn’t’ go down again – that’s why I got frustrated and cut them all the same size to start again.

It’s ridiculous having them all at different lengths and one sticking up like a horn!

So I don’t have nice long nails anymore

Shame really.

Thanks for reading…

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