Product recall

I have lost my hearing almost entirely again due to not being able to take my usual medication daily, due to a product recall.

This means without a hearing aid constantly in my ear, I can’t hear even the loudest of sudden noises and because I can’t take my medication the infection it has caused means that it’s not wise to wear a hearing aid at all now unless desperate!

Paul had to try and buy the medicine online as the NHS can’t get access to it and so he found a warehouse online which still stores some safe medicine for me to use and we have to wait a couple of more days to get it, but they are only allowing one per person and it is only a one week supply!

Without this medication the eczema in my inner ear gets really bad and causes a thrush like infection of the inner ear, which often makes me go deaf and in pain.  Without this medicine controlling it I could risk another cholesteatoma and that would mean another mastoid surgery but on the left ear instead!

This medication is a lazy and cheap way for the NHS to manage my condition, before the NHS became bankrupted in this area; I was often called in once every six weeks for an aural cleaning and a precautionary spray and never had infections for several years.  But now, I get an infection in just five days of not using the medication I need literally daily, this is not ideal as it means I am using antibiotics every day and could build up a resistance eventually and I am severely allergic to their back up plan!

This is part of the reason why I have been quiet recently, the infection is making me sleepy and the pain is making it hard for me to concentrate and sleep comfortably.

My face swells too and makes me look round faced when my ears are full like that – making me even uglier than before!

I hate silence, it drives me mad!  I could never cope being deaf long-term, I get headaches, I don’t like it, it’s not peaceful – it’s frustrating and makes my depression extremely bad!

Just a heads up for people who want to know!

Thanks for reading!

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