Lifes clown

Life is like a clown

Balancing me on stilts

This is why I am strange

My brain is on a tilt

I am mad can’t you see?

This is what life has done to me!

I’m unusual and I’m strange

Some might say I am deranged

But they should really know

Life’s clown is my foe

And I’m slipping off these stilts

Very slowly I do wilt like a flower dying slowly

In a pot that’s never watered falling down

Because the clown

Forgets to water me

And I am very slowly going brown

Going round – the twist maybe

But I am dying of a thirst

That is never ever quenched

Because the clowning wrench forgot to water me

And so here I am, stuck in this flower pot

And it’s getting really hot

And I will die

So very slowly

Because life’s clown





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