I solemnly swear

I forgive you for your past

I forgive you all

I love you all with a big warm heart

I will help you grow tall

I hold your hand and lift you high

So that you will never fall again

Because everyone has the chance to change, heal and mend

I forgive you for the time, where you was weak and worn

I know I have to be gentle, when I mend your heart that’s torn

I can see the pain you are still in

I brush away your tears

I hold you close to my heart and I try to erase your fears

I am here if you need me

I am always here to help

I love you my cousin dearly

And I’m sorry if you yelp

For sometimes healing can be just as painful

As the wounds you wear

But it will all get better someday soon

This I solemnly swear!

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