Tarot not divorcing me after all!

My new tarot cards decided it wanted to talk to me today; I tried again – sooner than the month I had planned to leave it for.

Less than a week really!

Well anyway, taking on the advice of a friend I interview the tarot cards again – for those who don’t know, the cards told me they wanted a divorce from me no sooner had I did it the first day they came!

I did reiki to the cards for a longer period and left them for four or five days and now they seem willing to work with me!

The new deck is called “Guardian of the night” by MJ Cullinane. 

I asked the questions again – the questions are…

Tell me about yourself and their reply was this; I can see past deceptions and illusions – I am responsible with my power!

What are your strengths as a pack? Good at protecting the heart – negative and positive love readings – communication issues – logic – cunning and educational matters.

What are your weaknesses as a pack?  Bad at mental health predictions – potentials and risks!

What will you teach me?  Quietening your mind, learning patience and how to multi-task!

What is the outcome for working with you as a pack?  It’s superficial!

Funnily enough, this isn’t my most assertive pack I own – my traditional Rider Waite cards I got from my grandma are very stern!

I shall post that at a different time!

Thanks for reading!


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