Forgotten things & hungry house

I have the memory of a sieve.

Do you know how many things I am supposed to be updating here on this blog that I have forgotten about?

Even regular things, like “who am I today” posts and diet/weight loss updates weekly and word counts and all sorts of stuff!

I am sorry about that, I do actually have a to do list that used to sit on my desk, but sometimes a wind blows it away into the mess of the house and I lose it.

I make other ones, but it seems to happen quite a lot here.

I did try to pin it on the wall but it fell off and the back of the desk ate it!

This house is prone to losing things, eating things… it’s like the house is alive or something and ravenously hungry!

I sometimes wonder if I sat in a place long enough the house would eventually eat me?

I have been known to sit for three hours or more writing at the desk without moving even for a toilet break and I have had spiders that had the audacity to attach webbing to my shoulder because they think I am part of the furniture because I haven’t moved so long… the blooming liberty!

So this is my apology to you all for all those broken promises!

Thanks for reading!


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