From who would I flee?

The spirits have warned you

Slow down you will be too abrupt

But if you slow down I fear I’ll erupt

As you slow down, you might erupt too

And where that will take us I have no clue

But all that I know is fast or slow

I want you so much and my heart glows

But you heed whatever you feel you need

Whether you take the slow road or come to me at speed

I won’t reject you; I think I know you well

You’ve certainly manifested a very strong spell

I can’t deny you, because of who you are

My inventor, my King my bright shining star!

You will have me one day for sure

I cannot run from you, be secure

For why should I run from he who dreamt of me?

What will I be running from, from who would I flee?

Goodness knows what road I would take

If I turned on my heel, a huge mistake!

So I am here for you, waiting for the day

That you come and claim me and take me away…


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