This is who and what I am

Weather beaten I stand tall

Whiplashed and in pain I withstand the rain

I don’t care what you think of me

My dream has always been to be free

I don’t care what people say

I just sit around waiting for those better days

You can’t know what is in my heart

When you try to tear me apart

Nothing can be worse that this

I just search for love and bliss

You can see my battle scars

But you treat me like I’m from Mars

But you know one thing is clear to me

You can never ever be me

No you don’t have the strength to fight the storm

And batten down the hatches against the vicious swarm

Of hate and lies and words of contempt

You could fight it, but you won’t even attempt

That is why I know I have strength

That’s why your words don’t touch me

Because my heart is free from me

I’ve left it outside in the cold rain

It’s there to protect me from the pain

No more do I give a damn

This is who and what I am

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