I’m single

My relationship status is “single” and I feel that I should let that be clear to everyone right now.

I would like a new relationship, but there is a lot of stuff I need to be clear on in my new relationship – so be prepared for the third degree if you’re interested because this time around I want things to be good – grounded, honest and open and I have a low tolerance to time wasters.

I don’t want you to please me with what you think I want to hear – I want honesty; if you can’t be open and honest about what you want and what you like in your own life then don’t even bother considering coming this direction!

I know that Paul is in no rush to see me leave yet, now he hasn’t got a replacement for me and he is trying to let me know he isn’t going to bother to look for anyone anymore, not even in our usual polygamous house ideas – but I won’t stay with him if I am disposable like that.  That came as a shock to me and I didn’t like it.

But Paul just wants people to know one thing about all this… he does see himself as a father care giver to me and he wants to ensure I am going to the best relationship possible.  If you can’t stomach talking to him to set his mind at ease that I have someone who’ll look after me, then perhaps you don’t have my best interests to heart eh?

You got to understand since 2013; Paul has not really been a fiancé to me, but more of a father figure and because my real dad is not available anymore, he has fully taken his place.

By the way, my spirits told me the first initial of the guy I am waiting for is R.

OK so private message me directly at TheTardyCreative@gmail.com

To contact Paul the email is PaullGamble@gmail.com

Thanks for reading! 


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