Meningitis watch

My Henry has been sent home from school and thankfully Paul actually took him to the doctors immediately today because the doctor said that Henry is showing some early signs of meningitis and so he is off school for the rest of the week for meningitis watch!

Scary stuff!

He seems ok, a little headachy and stiff neck and dizzy spells but other than that there is no fever yet or rash, so we’re keeping watch on that right now.  He has had a headache since Sunday evening but Paul put it down to the fact that Henry is on the computer all the time and declines to wear his much needed glasses!

So to say I am a little frightened is an understatement!

A lot because I am his mother and I love him but also I am frightened for me, because my auto-immune inner ear condition and my former mastoid problem raises my likelihood in having meningitis by 20% and some kinds of meningitis is contagious – so yeah, I am petrified really.

So, there’s a heads up for you all.

If you don’t see me around for a while, you probably can guess what’s happened?

I have 2 scheduled posts for tomorrow and 1 for Friday, so if there isn’t anything more being added, you know something is afoot! 

Thanks for reading!


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