Top 10 home life

Top 10 of everything about home life in my humble opinion – was bored and thought I’d share top 10s for the next few days, so you all can get to know me better!

Top 10 must have items around the house.

An abundance of cushions

A soft seating area near the kitchen for guests

Blankets (even in the living room, folded neatly in an ottoman or something)

A nice warm fireplace

An aquarium of tropical fish

Plenty of baking equipment

Nice soft rugs, like fleece (from sheared sheep, not killed, they get sheared annually – you are confused with sheepskin rugs)

A bath with a shower (as I like the option of both)

A board game store

A book nook

Top 10 things that is essential to a harmonious home life!

Talk don’t shout to people

Keep personal mess to a minimum and be mindful of others in the house

Everyone pulls their weight in chores & decorating

You should have a game night at least once a week with all the members of the household

You should have a once a week family cooking session!

There should always be home baked goods in the house

There should be at least one free roaming or semi-free furry pet in the house

Everyone has their turn for choosing the movie at movie night

Everyone eats together at the table

Just because you are at home with family doesn’t mean you forget your manners!

Top 10 household habits I have!

I do a round with all the family members including pets to say good morning and good night each day!

I always close the toilet seat when I have finished.

I have the perfect solution to how the toilet paper should be placed – don’t have a holder just shove it under a toilet doll or a box!

I disinfect toothbrushes three times a week!

I open a window in each room I can get into for at least an hour a day, no matter what – unless the weather is really bad!

I spray perfume around from time to time

I read in bed

I take a glass of water to bed with a top up flask each night

I clean computer keyboards at least once a week for everyone!

I move soft toys and cushion around a lot to rearrange and re-poof them!

But please trust me when I say, that the house I live in now doesn’t feel like a home to me because most of the things above are impossible here – there is no cooperation and nobody pulls their weight unless I am having a good day with my health!

I am totally uncomfortable where I am!


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