Warning for tomorrow

I just need to warn my readers that tomorrow is a dark day full of scheduled posts that have upsetting content. 

The content will be including suicidal thoughts and memories of domestic violence with body horror aspects.  I needed to get all of these things off my chest, I am sorry if I upset any of you and please believe me when I say – I do not intend for these posts to become a “a thing” here.

Understand too, that today and for the past few weeks I have had a hard time with my mental health, a very hard time and that tomorrow is a special and very mournful day for me – which will be explained at the first post which will go up midnight UK time tonight.

Things have been brewing a long, long time, the first two posts tomorrow will be a memorial to a child I lost and the third is about how I am not coping right now mentally.

I felt it was necessary to warn you.

I am not all peacocks, rainbows and butterflies you know… that’s a façade these days, trying to trick myself into believing I am actually happy with my life.

As for some of the dreams I had in my earlier post today, well, maybe there is hope for some of them in the future – depends what happens before April…

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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