Heads up

If I am quiet over the next few days, here’s the reason why; I have a cold that’s quickly turning into a chest and double ear infection.  My throat glands are getting huge and I take a while to get over things like this because of my auto-immune conditions.  Not looking forward to it worsening.

An average cold can take me three weeks to get over; a chest infection can stick around all winter once I have it, if the doctors choose to be slack.  Just got to hope I get a good one if the chest gets worse this week.

May have to force in a budget to see a doctor, before Monday!  Yes, the NHS is free, but getting there isn’t, we don’t have a car.

The ear infection is managed by home meds, but we’ve heard that there is a product recall that could make getting the medication for my ears difficult for up to three months potentially.  Which will mean that I may lose my hearing until we can find an alternative that I don’t break out in hives with.

Anyway, just a heads up and happy reading as always!



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2 responses to “Heads up

  1. Take care of yourself. Never ignore an infection. Try to get to the doctor.

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