Intrusion & chaos

Henry has been having a lot of health problems recently and there is a lot of emotional upset happening in the family too; this has meant that finding time to write more than a paragraph a day has been hard on me. 

Henry could lose his place in his school because he is having so much time off and this is affecting the relationships of the household negatively, both Paul and Henry are constantly at loggerheads with one another.

We are currently still grieving the loss of a relative as well as all the mental and physical health of Henry, along with the fact that Paul and I are in the process of separating – so my future is very unstable right now.

Although my physical health has improved, it still has a long way to go; my stamina for example, needs a lot of work.  I am trying my best to heal myself mentally too, but I still have a long way to go before I would say I am out of the woods with the suicidal thoughts.

Henry has decided that although staying with his father isn’t ideal for him in the long run, he wants to stay with him because he feels loyal to his 300yr ancestry in this village and Henry understands it is unlikely I will stay local if I leave.

Why is that?  Because I generally flow to wherever I feel needed or wanted, wherever that may be!

It is because of all of this, I can’t make any more deadlines on my writing work.  It is amazing I am managing to do as much as I have with all of this going on, but writing a novel within my usual six to ten weeks, is a thing of the past right now.  Things are too chaotic and there are other things that need attention in my life.

I am still writing, but it has slowed down, it has been mostly ideas and snippets – primarily because nobody respects my space and the fact that I am the only person in the house who is actively trying to improve their lives and get us out of a hovel.

I am doing this 100% without the support of anyone who is actually physically in my life – my only support is people who enjoy talking with me on twitter.

I cannot commit to a deadline until I am somehow removed from all of this chaos and intrusion and I honestly don’t know when that will be!

Especially as I am having a very emotional time myself right now and finding it hard to keep my head together.

Happy reading and sorry to disappoint anyone!

P.S Henry is currently on half term as well, but he hasn’t been to school three days before the holidays started. He is much better now; he had gastric flu.

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