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Short n spiky

Today I don’t feel very graceful at all, I feel clumsy. I have also woken up feeling like I want my hair to be short and spiky for the day and it’s definitely a day where I feel a bit masculine, but not enough to be totally boyish.

I have a meh attitude to being feminine today, which is a little unusual for me as I generally try to be graceful.

I have lost my jewellery box so I am a little upset I can’t wear a mass of rings on my fingers.

I like autumn colours all the more too, with a baggy white shirt.

Happy reading…

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Can we be?

I have been followed in my dreams for years

There is someone in there that erases all fears

I’ve known them the longest time

They are coming the clocks chime

I am afraid I will be a fool

Acting like some silly mule

Embarrassing myself when they come

Nervous laughter and bothersome

I am also scared of what they’ll think of me

Large and round and squirrelly

How can I be confidently me, when I in their presence be?

But the spirits say, it’s OK

They will love you anyway

But I don’t know, I am not so sure

My heart is too weak for more sores

I know they’ve been foretold for years

But that still does not erase my fears

They deserve better than what I can give

But the spirits say, he’ll make you live!

So cautiously I heed their words

I try to learn to trust

But despite all that I feel right now

I know, to meet them, I must

They are real, the spirits say

As real as flesh and bone

You’ve manifested each other

When you both ruled Heavens throne

Can we be that powerful?

Two people, you and I?

So powerful we made each other and together we will fly?

I can’t believe what I am hearing

I can’t believe it’s true

But all I know is, all my life, I have wanted you!

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Promise to Eve

I feel like the Eve to a new dawn

God has spoken “don’t be forlorn”

For he is coming soon

I don’t know where or how though

It’s a mystery to me

But God has sent this promise that he will set me free

He will make me stronger

He will love me so

And when I’ve found my Adam, I will undoubtedly know

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Candy Slytherin

Today is a weird one, a candy one.

Thing is, I have nothing suitable in the house to wear based on what I want and I don’t have the body to look good in either of it.

Candy rainbow dungarees with a white ribbed turtle neck.

Or, a candy coloured tweed dress suit. My hair would be like Narcissa Malfoy in its style with a spray on pink outline today and I would be wearing Professor Umbridge’s clothing. So, it’s a candy Slytherin day, haha.

I do get days like this.

Funnily enough, I get Slytherin quite a lot in Harry Potter sorting hat quizzes, with an almost in Ravenclaw as second choice.

Happy reading!

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