Steampunk giraffe day

It’s a Joe Brown day, but I don’t own any of that brand anymore unfortunately.

It’s a velveteen jeans day, with a shirred tank blouse in autumn colours and a wheat coloured shrug.  But alas, all I have is the shrug – lol.

Anyway, my shape wouldn’t look that good in this style at the moment, I miss the days when it did.

I am feeling a little insecure hence the shrugs, cardigans and ponchos I tend to hide in.

Wedge heeled boots would be good too, to help with my confidence because it would make me a lot taller and although more people will notice me it will make me feel stronger. 

I am already 5ft 8 so those boots would make me 5ft 11 like my pink wedge heels!

I can’t walk in regular heels; well I can, but not gracefully.

Though I tend to opt for flats most of the time!

I kind of also felt a bit steampunky today, my steampunk carnelian and copper owl brooch would have been worn too and if I had them, steampunk copper earrings.

If my hair was obedient and was not having problems with long covid, I would have tried a messy bun today.

So I guess today would be called a steampunk giraffe day, lol.

Happy reading!


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