Dream guy

There is a guy in my dreams

Dark hair, brown eyes that’s dark like the abyss

He swallows me whole with those eyes and drowns me in love

He strokes my face as he looks deeply at me

Ruby ring on his finger, he sets me free

There I am home, in his arms

It didn’t take much to fall for his charms

The dreams were our dates

We dated many years

When I find him, he’ll wipe all my tears

It would be as though we were never apart

This is the man who has stolen my heart

But does he exist?

Only time will tell

For now without him, I am lost in Hell.

I dreamt of another man, with him

Tall and blond and full of chagrin

Jealous of the love we’ve got

Bitterly boiling up the pot

I dreamt he fought with the darker man

I didn’t want this so I ran

Sometimes in my dream they stalk me

But it is the dark man who has caught me

I am his and he loves me

I only wish that real he’ll be

For I want to be home

Deep in his arms

So I know I am safe from all the world harms


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