Never have I ever

Things other people take for granted, that I have never done, but would like to;

Been on an airplane (need a passport)

Did offshore foreign travel (went to Wales & the Isle of Wight, that doesn’t count)

Been to a music concert – I really want to someday, I am a huge fan of Bon Jovi, Fozzy, Queen, Lady Gaga, Lizzo, Three Days Grace, Alice Cooper, to name but a few!

Been to the tower of London and did various normal tourist things in London (I may have lived there but it doesn’t mean I did anything)

Been to a theme park or gone on a rollercoaster

Had any kind of graduation or celebration for my life (except the last birthday party I ever had when I was 7yrs old)

Never actually got married but got engaged quite a bit, lol and only had 1 ring from 1 person ever!

Been on a proper restaurant type date or been in a proper restaurant full stop, the only restaurants I’ve been to are big chains like Harvester, McDonalds, KFC, and TJI Fridays or pub restaurants but you know, nothing classy.  Only dates I’ve ever been on are picnics or having a green tea in the café of a W.H Smiths store.  Never done formal dining, despite my paternal family!

I haven’t been to the cinema as an adult ever, last time I went I was 12yrs old and I saw the first ever Jurassic Park.

Never had any kind of night life, never had anyone who wanted to go with me, I won’t go alone to places like that!

I’ve been to the beach twice, once when I was a few months old and the other time I was 15yrs old, so again, haven’t been to a beach since being an adult. 

Never had a home where I can choose décor and furniture from scratch.

Never had a driving lesson, too much of a daydreamer.

Never danced with anyone but my dad, have had very introverted/sensible exes and current partner.

Never been to a professional sports event as a spectator, other than a local wrestling match

Never been to Stonehenge, or the Shakespeare’s Globe or anything specific; I have been to see Buckingham Palace on the outside and went to some museums, but that’s about it really, had a sheltered life.

I am sure there are other things people take for granted that they’ve done and what normal people in society have done, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

Why haven’t I done many of the things above?  Because I have been mostly poor, and the people in my life aren’t interested in a lot of the above and don’t like going out much, so I have been pretty stuck.

My mother for example very rarely wanted to leave our house beyond 3 miles, but she did always make an effort to take me to museums and zoos. 

Thanks for reading!


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