Scruffy and blue

Today is a scruff day as I call them, one of my rarest days.

I am wearing a baggy maxi-dress with a baggy mock cashmere cardigan that is literally two sizes too big, it’s also a blue day.  All the colours are various shades of blue.

If my white crocs didn’t shrink because I accidentally left them by the radiator and they shrank, I’d have been wearing them.  But alas, crocs shrink in heat – who knew?

I am also wearing banana bamboo fibre socks, they are my favourite.

Big beaded necklace and lots of beaded crystal bracelets as accessories and my hair is down today, after I decided last night to pigtail my hair in bed after washing it, so I have a very wavy effect by the morning.

I look scruffy, but I feel comfortable, because this cardigan feels like a big hug.

It’s also an insecure day and I am feeling a little blue, hence the chosen colours.

Happy reading!


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