Today I am p1

Today I have been feeling androgynous, I still want my long hair but not up.

I want to dress in brown leather and cotton clothing.

I am feeling more masculine today and ready to take on bigger challenges because of it. I am also a little more inclined towards my fitness goals today.

I don’t have brown leather anymore and my mother deliberately didn’t allow me to have my sherlock style cloak when I moved here because at the time it was about one size too small for me (it would be big now), she threw it away amongst a lot of other stuff I had.

Had I of still ad my Sherlock cloak, it would be that sort of day for me.

I want to go on a lovely walk in all the autumn colours, especially with a dog and a frisbee. Drink spicy drinks and eat spicy food.

I am likely to have a weird spicy frankfurter stir fry tonight for dinner. Please don’t judge me. lol.

Wish I could find root beer in Rugby town, could do with that or an apple spiced tea.

I would also like to make some stem ginger biscuits, but we can’t afford to do that right now.

I am extra snuggly today, I want to cosy up in front of a fireplace, snuggling a dog or my favourite people all of us wrapped in a lovely fleece or cashmere blanket.

To say I am extra snuggly means I am excessively so, as I am always looking for an excuse to snuggle down with someone or thing, be it animal or person or my hot water bottle Pinkie. Again, please don’t judge me and yes I did just name my water bottle Pinkie. I have others too…

Thanks for reading.


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