Moth like butterfly

This fragile butterfly is terrified

You’ve noticed her fly by with poetry in her wings

She hopes when you catch her, it won’t sting

This butterfly swoops around in loops

She doesn’t know where she goes or what she does

But she wants to sing

But her song is a song of fear and denial

She’s hopes you’re a gentle King

Kind and compassionate, ready for a challenge

For this little butterfly have plenty of those

The dragon and the fish spoke in cryptic messages to the sailor

They are my friends

I am tense at who you are, but they do not tell

They just whisper “You’ll be captured by a King” like it’s a spell

But I am an ugly butterfly

A moth really

But that you do not see

For my poems and stories have haunted you

Like a spell maybe?

I am a fat moth like butterfly, as a caterpillar I ate well

I regret the splurge of food

It has caused me Hell

But butterflies don’t grow on air; they fly through it on their wings

But only when they’ve grown so much

If you touch me, do not sting!

Be gentle to this butterfly and she will duly be

Everything you need from her, just you wait and see

But gently catch this butterfly, lest she falls apart

And crumble in your hands and break your sorrowed heart

I don’t know who you are just yet

But lovely you must be

To want someone as bad this

As bad as you want me

The sailor will release me from this jar of his

But we ask you just this request

Please put me at ease

Come to me gently and let us talk

Just for a little while

I’m not confident with who I am

I struggle to smile

But this moth like butterfly has dreamt

That someone is about to come

And I have been blessed with messages of what I will become



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