Daily Archives: September 6, 2022

Pixelated pixie

I’m a pixelated pixie

I’m not what I want to be

I never had the chance

People suffocated me

I had some wings and flew once

But then they broke and weren’t the same

I became trapped like a bumblebee

In a jar and went insane

Someone release me from this prison

So that I can be free again

Though my wings are broken

With your help they will mend

I want to fly to the moon and back again

Just to say I could

I need to be free

Like all people should

This pixelated pixie

Needs to be put together too

But she can’t do this alone

She really needs you!

So come and help me on my venture

To become free like I never knew

So someday I can look back and know

To the moon I once flew!

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