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Top 10 songs I can’t live without!

Top ten songs I couldn’t live without

Road to Hell by Chris Rea full version!  I always singing part one of this song!

End of everything by Stereomud

Crush by Garbage

Jealousy (anchors away) by Lesley Garrett again, another one I sing regularly!

Cry little sister (lost boys theme) by Gerard McMahon

Runaway by Aurora

Stand by Me by Ben E. King

Catch a falling star by Perry Como

You’re never fully dressed without a smile by Peter Marshall Annie Musical soundtrack – this always gets me singing and dancing even when I am feeling sad!  

As the world falls down by David Bowie

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Song for the wolf maiden

You kissed the night to end your plight

But there you’re trapped as well

Shooting happiness and licking the moon

You might as well dwell in Hell

Your scars are very pretty

You got them when you was numb

When you saw yourself in the mirror

You felt that it was dumb

You regret everything

And everything stings

You have hope that angels will save you when they sing

You miss your mother

The one who flew away

Like a raven in the night

She took your heart away

But she watches you tonight

Though you have no clue

She is there as your guiding star

She will see you through

And wipe away your scars

She is the angel with the black wings

She will keep her vow

Though you don’t believe her

As you feel abandoned now

But she will lift you up

and out this world

Her promises are true to you

You’ll get home to the old world

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