Are you happy to play?

Being a writer I get to daydream all day and write down what I think about, I get to play pretend a lot and show others my work and some will be impressed and others will be bored by it, but nonetheless I get to dream for a living if it gets published.

That’s a cool idea, because when the work gets published doors could open for me to find friends who also like to daydream all day and play make believe with me – especially if the work ever becomes more than just a book, it becomes a movie for example.  That’s a very exciting thought.

It means that being a writer we get to be kids again, because playing pretend and living in our dreams is essential to what we do in our work – because we’re entertainers of a sort, a vital sort – the kind that dishes out the ideas so that others can play them for your amusement in theatres or on the television!

I realise of course that not everyone is lucky to get published or have a movie made of their books, but it is something that is highly motivating nonetheless!

It is something that is making me want to fight harder in making my creations complete, so I can find likeminded daydreamers to play with!

It might not be like that professionally, but I am pretty sure it is to a certain extent.  When I went to college to do a general vocational skills course, drama classes was part of the course and I loved it and I experienced playing with adults like I was a child again and that amused me; but it didn’t amuse my mother and she soon made me give up the course as I wasn’t going to focus on the thing she wanted me to the most – health and social care, to be like her.  Because I liked the arts and media circles too much!

I often wished I had the guts back then to ignore her and follow my heart.

Had I of done I don’t really know what I would have done, I knew I loved the amateur dramatic classes and the music classes, because I made a lot of friends there and had fun and I also formed a small band with a fusion of rock and rap which was very popular on campus with some of my gothic friends (I used to be a goth too).  But I also knew I wanted to do creative writing and perhaps trying to find a way in studying mythology too.

I was a ditherer and I allowed my mother to take the reins because I couldn’t make a clear cut decision what I wanted to do.

I knew one thing though, I was very unhappy learning computer skills, business and health and social care, which is what she pushed me into eventually!

So, if you are struggling to take yourself seriously as a writer, just sit back and think – you are allowing yourself the freedom to play and become a child again, this should perk you up a bit and make you feel happy to continue, it does for me!

If you are not having fun with your ideas and you don’t feel happy and playful about it, perhaps that’s not really what you’re meant to be doing with your life?  Life is about finding your true self, finding what makes you happy, building your own paradise!

Happy reading!

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