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My pet tongue

The ladies were so nice yesterday who pulled my tooth out and did my filling, unexpectedly nice – in the past I haven’t been so lucky with dentists, but this is a good team!

It is a weird feeling losing a front tooth, your lip gets sucked into the mouth more and you realise something rather odd, that this particular tooth was the tongues favourite cushion.

I feel sorry for my tongue like it’s some kind of sentient pet, but there you go.

So this is just an update, I didn’t die or have any complications – so you can rest easy now!

But I am most definitely a bleeder!

Happy reading! 

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I need a place

There are people who love me but they are not close

There are people who judge me without knowing me, the weirdos

There are things I know but I just can’t explain

Perhaps this is what it means to be insane?

I see things that aren’t really there

I hear voices that seem to really care

I know a place that I call home

But it doesn’t exist, so I continue to roam

I am awkward and I’m not at peace

I wish that life would just ease

I need to know where I belong

I need find others to sing with, who understands my song

I am lonely and I want to be

Completely and utterly without adversary

I need a place to call my own

I need my dream life before I’m a crone

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