Keep true to your song

I fumble through my life like a blathering fool

The world hasn’t got used to me

Or is it the other way around?

I walk on clouds; I can’t seem to reach the ground

I am new here and I’m not free

To be free I could be whatever I want

I can dress however I like and I can shamelessly flaunt

There would be no bad words or unkindness to me

Because that is what it means to be completely free

I stumble here and there and forgot what I do

It’s pointless to help someone who themselves have no clue

I wing my way through life and everything is a toy

I have a happy attitude, I am sorry if it annoys

But I am me and you are you

We live together on this planet, so what can we do?

We have to accept and get along

We have to know every bird has their song

Some are mellow, some are loud, some are cacophonous and some are proud

Some are silly and some are sweet and some are stupendous and quite upbeat

Some are sad and some are lonely, some just sing words of baloney

Each little bird sings their own song

Who is to tell them that they are wrong?

I stumble here, I tumble there, I fumble through life with some cautious care

I try not to be as loud as some

Though I resent people calling me dumb

I am shy and I am frail

I keep true to my song, like a nightingale

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