react to hate with love

I react to hate with love

Because hate needs to understand

Hate comes from ignorance and fear

Hate has no place here

Don’t say to me “don’t love me”

When you hate the things I say

Because I cannot do that

Your anger leads you astray

Peace is found with acceptance

Peace is found with love

You can’t get paradise if with others, you push and shove

You are not a holy person

If you are vitriol

You can’t spread the light

If you treat others with ill

You need to understand creation

We exist because he says so

So who are you to choose?

Who is saved or no?

My heart breaks for those who shout

Against their siblings dear

Whether they are black or white or Asian

Straight, bi or queer

We were all made by the creator

He knew us before we were born

It is the devil who wants us

To be stripped and killed and torn

Anger is his food

Anger is his way

So why do you allow anger, to get within your way?

When anger comes, reassess

Think of better things

Try to bring yourself to love

Never let your words sting

If something happens that you don’t like

You’re not confident or clear

You need to learn to find a place with love

With acceptance for all, my dear


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