God isn’t angry

Why are the most enlightened voices the most likely to be killed by suppressive sources?

Why do people condemn choices?

What business is it of theirs if you like this or that?

What peace could there be from attacking and spats?

They say God hates this and God hates that, but it’s all lies because we exist and that’s a fact

If God didn’t like it, then why create us?

If God hates us then why aren’t we dust?

Don’t tell me that I am doomed

Don’t overflow my life with crimson gloom

You don’t know God, because you hate

You are a devils child and don’t know his fate

You can’t talk of God if you are angry in fear

Because God is all about love let’s make that clear!

 Nothing is without God’s permission

He knew us before we were born, his own admission!

Most people are weak to the devils tricks

Because anger comes easier than love and it’s sick

Love is the thing you should be working towards

Not changing others, fighting with guns and swords

Love one another, don’t spread the hate

Keep your mouth shut before it’s too late

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