I’ve peaked out of the rock…

Recently I have been researching how to back up my writing work, because lo and behold since the demise of the floppy disc I haven’t done so for 16yrs!  Shock and horror!

I am slow to technology.

I distrust it.

Anyhow, after intense research lasting nearly two years I have decided to trust a cloud thing.

It’s a nifty invention… as many of you obviously knew before I did!

Well, as I said, I am not very smart technologically and it can take me months to get used to a new gadget or thing…

I mean, I have had Instagram for years and never added a pic to it because I don’t know how… do I need to do it via a mobile phone?  I don’t know!

But that’s another thing I am researching!

So anyway, for the past week I have been making blogging posts to schedule in case I am ill after my surgery and I am also adding lots and lots of files to my new found cloud!

So far it has taken me five days to shift 800mb of novels to the cloud and I am not even halfway yet and this is not including any handwritten notes either that I will also type up to store online!

As I said, I have a lot of work on the go at the same time!  Some finished and many unfinished – the finished works I am not happy with!

I am a huge fusspot.

Everything has to be perfect; I am very OCD and a nightmare to live with!

I’m excited about the cloud because I just learned not only is it a backup and that you can’t lose it unless of course the cloud shuts down or gets hacked… but, you can also access all your work through other computers, meaning if your computer goes bust you can use your laptop and go to the library computers and borrow the computer of your friend or relative and it is like you’ve lost nothing… it’s pretty great!

One of the main things which have been stopping me from writing is my environment… I am stuck in a room and I have to go to that room to a computer that takes twenty minutes to warm up, because that is where most of my work is! 

Not anymore!

Well, not after the entire shift onto cloud!  Because now, now I am free!  It’s exciting and makes me feel limitless!

I can now take my laptop to bed with me and access my work from the cloud whenever I like, I can also take this laptop with me to a park or a café and write there in peace, without interruptions from Henry when it is school holidays!

Basically I have no excuse now not to do the work!

So liberating!

I am excited!

You should be too, because my productivity is just going to soar now!  I was writing at an average of 1500 to 3000 words per day and now with this cloud I can double or even triple it potentially!

Wow, I never knew what I was missing out on.

I really thought that people were stupid who relied on clouds… I still kind of do because I am convinced the grid will crash some day or some horrendous apocalypse is around the corner… but if life stays how it is now technologically… I can see a new me emerging… a new far more productive me… so watch out!

Happy reading!


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