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Yes, I posted two daily prompts today, sorry about that, I knew that Saturday and Sunday I would be too busy to write the daily prompts so I tried to be clever and schedule them, but I did it on a day I was exhausted with only 4 hours sleep the night before and a migraine and it didn’t work in my favour – whoops, I am only human.

I am going to be busy until Wednesday, but I am still going to try and get the prompts up and tomorrows my weekly word count post too.

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Daily Prompt 10

Daily Prompt for today is – An electric guitar – Blood – Stag – An Aquarium – A drowning.

Now believe it or not, this was actually randomly selected, it is so strange how they all seem to interconnect in some bizarre way, well in my mind they do.

There is a lot we can make of these prompts. 

Go and have fun with yours.


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Daily Prompts 9

Today’s daily prompts are– Laughing – First Kiss – A key – An Android – A prison

Interesting ideas for fantasy, horror, Sci-Fi and romance for me; there is a lot coming to mind.  A lot to play with, with these words!

What will you come up with?


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